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Counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.

    About Me


    Dr. Chaka P. Smith is a woman that has lived life according to the concept of the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was upon this foundation that Chaka was raised by her parents Charles and Shirley Smith. Born in Anderson, South Carolina, Chaka came from what society may consider humble beginnings, but by her definition, it was rich beyond measure in love, support, and Christian beliefs.  

    Obtaining a quality education was always a necessity for Chaka. After graduating from T.L.  Hanna High School, Chaka continued to advance her education and obtained her BA in  Psychology from Winthrop University in 2002. She then went on to receive an MA in  Counseling in 2005 from Webster University. She received her license in Counseling in 2008.  Chaka has a Ph.D. in General Psychology with a specialization in Education.  

    Grateful for the knowledge gained of understanding the human mind, she was eager to begin helping people. She started applying her expertise during undergrad as a Residential Counselor at  New Hope Beginnings in Rock Hill, SC. She later counseled at numerous organizations including Greenville Mental Health, New Foundations, Daymark Recovery Services, and  Anderson Oconee Behavioral Health to name a few. But a dream became realized in 2011 when she opened her own practice, Mainstream Therapeutic Services LLC. Through this venture, she can help those in need of any type of mental therapy, all while having control over developing and tailoring services based on clients’ actual needs.  

    Dr. Chaka Smith

    The name Chaka means “life” in Hebrew and that word is synonymous with Chaka’s personal purpose of making the lives of those around her better. Each goal that Chaka has achieved is ultimately selfless and humanitarian in the effort. The path has not been easy, but with family and  friends that believe in her

    My Vision

    Dr. Chaka’s vision is to optimize personal potential through expanding knowledge, early intervention, encouraging dialogue, increasing awareness, and minimizing stigma.

    My Mission

    Dr. Chaka’s mission is to provide professional and confidential services to help individuals and families manage conditions associated with both emotional and physical pain.


    • BA Psychology, Winthrop University
    • MA in  Counseling, Webster University.
    • PHD in General Psychology with a specialization in Education.  

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